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January 27
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fax from your computer by Pete Low

You may have seen payday loan companies brag that they're "no fax" or "faxless." So what does that mean? And, more importantly, if you don't have a fax machine or an easy way to send a fax, is a no-fax payday loan the only way to get a loan online?

Nope. You can fax from your computer, right now, no charge. No fax machine required. I'll tell you how to do it below. It's handy, because it opens up more possibilities, so you can shop around and look for the best deal, without limiting yourself to no-fax places.

First, here's what the no-fax thing is all about. With an online payday loan, you typically get an email saying you're approved, which has your loan contract. You need to print and sign it and fax it back, with a photo ID, a bank statement, a paycheck stub, a utility bill and a post-dated check. This proves you agreed to the contract, you're you, you have a bank account and a job, you live where you say you live, and if you don't pay, they can cash the check to get the money from your account.

If you've done this before with a company, you won't need to fax as much the next time.

No-fax loan places get around this by having you "digitally sign" the contract and, if you need to send documents, you can scan them and email them. But don't limit yourself to that.

How to Fax from Your Computer, Free

I recently learned you can fax from your computer. We have a fax machine at work, so I never knew you could do this before, but geez, it'd be handy. No need to limit yourself to no-fax payday loan places now.

Search online for a place that offers free online fax or free email fax. All you need to do is scan the documents as a jpeg or PDF file, depending which free fax place you use, and they do the rest.

Myfax is one of the places that lets you fax a jpg or PDF file free. Scan what you need as a black and white (monochrome) image, save it as a PDF or jpeg, and go to their website to attach it to an outgoing fax. It's really easy, just fill in the phone number you want it sent to on their web page.

Freepopfax is the same. So are FaxZERO and Gotfreefax, except you can only send a PDF, not a jpeg, with them. There's a bunch of these companies. The limit on all these places is about 10 megabites per fax, and you can only send a couple of faxes free per day, but hey, what do you want?

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11:12 a.m. January 28
I didn't know that. Very clever. If it's that easy, seems silly to even talk about no fax.


10:41 p.m..January 28
Can you do anything if you don't have a scanner?


11:30 p.m. January 28
Got a cell phone or camera that can take a close-up? Might not be clear enough, but you can try. Photograph the document, and send it to your computer. You can email pictures from your cell phone to your computer using some cell phones by going to your picture browser, selecting the picture you want (look for "browse" or "gallery"). Then look for "send" (maybe under "options" or "tools"). Push "send," enter your email address and send. Once you get the picture as a jpeg on your computer, you may need to make it high contrast or black and white to fax well. If you open it in Photoshop, use Image>Adjustments>Threshhold and move the little slider till it looks good.

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