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How to Get a Cheaper-than-Free Payday Loan

by Pete Low

No kidding. You can earn money referring friends to payday loans. I mean $25 or $50 actual free cash to keep, not just a loan you have to pay back.

Payday loan companies want new customers, like any other business. You want free cash to keep, not just a loan. So here's how you can help them and earn money. Search Google or wherever for payday loan referral.

In the search results, you'll see things like "make a quick $100 by referring your friends and family" or "you can receive $20 free cash," or "get $50 in free payday loan cash." Pretty cool, huh?

So what's the catch?

Well, the friend has to be a new customer of the payday loan company and you usually need to be a customer too. You get the bonus when your friend is approved for a loan.

The main thing is, you need to make sure your friend signs up using your referral. Click on some of the programs and read how it works. It's pretty simple. Sometimes the company will send an email and your friend has to apply for the loan by clicking on the email. Or your friend has to put your name or referral number in a box when he or she applies online. Every company does it a little different, but it's not hard.

Also, check exactly how you get paid that $50 or $100. Sometimes it's real free cash, just zapped into your bank account. Sometimes the payday loan company is trickier, and they only give you the money as a credit on your fees for your next loan. That's still a free payday loan. But I'd pick the referral programs that give real money first though.

You really do need to read the fine print. Look for "terms and conditions" or any little links on the page that talks about referrals, and read everything. You generally need to have an account in good standing with the company, which means no default or late payment. Some places might not allow the person you refer to be a member of your household, for example. And the company will probably not like it if you send out spam or post a request online to Craigslist or something, so don't even think about it. They also may require that the person you refer borrow a minimum amount, like $250. And they may not like it if you cut a deal with the person you're referring, to split the referral payment with them.

To make quick cash this way, you need to be the kind of person who recommends things. Some people are like that, some aren't. If your friends tell you to "shut up already" a lot like mine do, this would be a pretty easy way to earn some cash. (Payday loan employees aren't allowed to do it, grumble grumble.) Just tell a friend about it when you see them or text them or email them. On the other hand, if you're shy and don't like talking about money, well, this probably won't be your thing. You know which kind of person you are.

Search for payday loan referral or something like that and see what you think.

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