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by Pete Low

Installment Loans, Even With Bad Credit
If you have bad credit but need money now, payday installment loans are one way to get it. There's no credit check, and you can pay back the loan over several months. So what's the catch?... Read more

Can You Get a Credit Card with Bad Credit?
Yes, you can. And you can use it to repair your credit, too. The fees may be a little higher, but you can shop around, and as your credit improves, the fees will be less. The secret is to... Read more

Refinance Credit Card Debt, Pay Less
Here's the problem: You're swamped in credit card debt. Your credit score is hanging in there, so you don't want to trash it by defaulting or declaring bankruptcy. You just need a little breathing room: more time to pay off your cards, or monthly payments that are lower. Here's the solution... Read more

Payday Loans, Bad Credit, This Blog
So where does this blog fit in? I won't tell you what to do, because you're in charge of that. I can talk about some of the ins and outs of getting payday loans online, or getting loans when you have bad credit, or dealing with debt and debt collectors... Read more

Bad-Credit Mortgage Lenders Want You
If you have bad credit, you may think that getting a mortgage is impossible. But there are mortgage companies that specialize in helping people with bad credit get mortgages. They want.... Read more

Are There Loans for Unemployed People
Short answer: Yes. Maybe. Unemployed people can get a few kinds of loans just as if they had a job, if they have some kind of regular income coming in, such as unemployment, disability or alimony payments. There are a... Read more

How to Dispute Your Credit Report, Plus a Sample Letter
Disputing something that's incorrect on your credit report is pretty simple. Getting and keeping a good credit rating is hard enough, without credit agencies screwing up and putting things on there that should be. You can dispute online, but... Read more

No Teletrack? No Problem
Maybe you've seen the promise: No-Teletrack Payday Loans. So what does "no Teletrack" mean, anyway? When loan companies say "no credit check," what they really mean is "no credit check except for".... Read more

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If you need a loan...

  • How to Get a Car Loan with No Credit
    You can get an auto loan, even if you have no credit established yet. If you have bad credit, that's not a problem either. There's a catch, though, that you might want to be aware of.... Read more

  • Get a Secured Loan, Even With Bad Credit
    A secured loan is a good solution, if... Read more

  • Four Free Alternatives to Payday Loans
    Alternatives to payday loans are out there. If you need cash right... Read more

  • Installment Loan Calculator
    Here's a free installment loan calculator, to show the cost of... Read more

  • Want to Rent-to-Own a Laptop? Seven Questions to Ask First
    If your old laptop died and you need a new one right now but you don't have enough to pay cash... Read more

  • Payday Loans Pwn Car Title Loans
    Payday loans pwn car title loans. No comparison. Title loans try to compete, but it's tough because they have all the bad points of payday loans, and none of the good ones. If you've used payday loans... Read more

  • Easy Online Loans: Because Your Loans Are Nobody Else's Business
    A guy I went to high school with stopped by last night. That was odd, because I hadn't seen him since we graduated. "In the neighborhood, you know." Yeah, right. He was up to something.... Read more

If you can't pay...

  • Can a Payday Loan Garnish Your Wages?
    If a payday loan company is taking money out of your paycheck... Read more

  • How to Get Out of the Payday Loan Trap
    Unfortunately, life doesn't wait for you to get your finances in order.... Read more

  • What If You Can't Pay Your Taxes? How to Deal With the IRS
    What if you can't pay the IRS? But here's the good... Read more

  • Erase Half Your Debt with Credit Card Debt Settlement
    Let's say you owe more than you can pay on your credit cards.... Read more

  • IRS Tax Debt Settlement: Help or Ripoff?
    If your IRS debt is more than you can pay, you're probably looking... Read more

  • What If You Can't Pay Back a Payday Loan?
    The first thing that will happen is the payday loan company will try.... Read more

  • Student Loan Deferment: Help With Debt When You Need It
    Student loan debt is tough to pay back, if you've just graduated and... Read more

  • What if You Can't Pay Your Credit Card?
    Here's what will happen, and here are some steps to take, to deal ... Read more

If you have bad credit...

  • What's Teletrack and Why do People Want "No Teletrack" Loans?
    You might have a file with Teletrack even if you don't know it.... Read more

  • Personal Installment Loans for People With Bad Credit
    Personal installment loans let you borrow money for several months or even as long as two or three years. You can... Read more

  • Bad Credit, Auto Loans, and First Things First
    Long story short, it was a mess. He had to give the car back... Read more

  • Bad-Credit Mortgage Lenders Want You
    You may think that getting a mortgage is impossible. But there are... Read more

  • Second Chance: Checking Out of ChexSystems
    If you've been denied a checking account or had a checking account closed because of what ChexSystems reported about you... Read more

  • Four Scams Aimed at You, If You Have Bad Credit
    Scammers are still trying to take your money, when all you want... Read more

If you're worried about your credit score...

  • What's a Good Credit Score?
    What's a good credit score? Is 620 bad? How do I convert... Read more

  • "Pay for Delete" and Fix Your Credit Report
    Try to negotiate a "pay for delete" deal, if you've got a past-due... Read more

  • How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams
    I know a fellow who used to work for a credit repair company. He... Read more

  • Three More Credit Repair Scams, Including a Really Sneaky One
    Credit repair scams come in all forms. Stealing your own identity... Read more

  • Debt Management Plan Pros, and Con Games
    A Debt Management Plan can help, if you're in debt. But... Read more

  • How to Dispute Your Credit Report, Plus a Sample Letter
    Disputing something that's incorrect on your credit report is pretty... Read more

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